Olympics Athletes Manage Their Time Differently - 6 Best Secrets Revealed

HeadSharp has received several requests from parents of student athletes to seek ways to improve time management. From study to projects, practice, and games, a family's time can be stretched. We have started our first part of the multi series starting with insights from Olympic Athletes. We have also launched an APP that features time management benefits..

From rigorous training to daily errands, it seems even the Olympic athletes are not spared from the race against time. With the Olympic athletes setting such high standards for all to follow, it is only fit that we leverage some tips from them and see how they manage their time to accommodate everything!

Keep your schedule active, but not rushed.

Shannon Miller, who won total seven Olympic medals in 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games, stressed on the power of the calendar. Her schedule used to track minutes. From schoolwork and chores to family time and training, Shannon put it all in her schedule. This also allowed her to allot time to her rest instead of wasting the time in something unnecessary.

Elana Meyers, another Olympic athlete, keeps separate lists for every member of her team, such as publicist and agent to help her keep track of the time.

Level Up Tip: Student Athletes can leverage the To Do List features in our Level Up App.

Ask for Help, people will respond.

Learn to ask your coaches for help to save your time. While you may save an hour or a two here and there, the most successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, and athletes have saved hours and hours of time with the help of mentors and coaches.  

Learn to Say No, we dare you!

There are many things you will have to learn to say ‘no’ to, as Sara Hendershot, an Olympic Rower for the United States, realized. You may miss many events and moments on your way to Olympic victory but if you get caught up in the whirlwind of things, you are just setting yourself up for exhaustion and overworking.

Recovery is severely underrated!

Another point worth taking note of is prioritizing your health. As Will Dean, Olympic Rower for Canada puts it; you need some down time to be in your best form. If you sacrifice your sleep, it will ultimately catch up to you.

Athletes should be routine as possible when it comes to rest and recovery. For those having trouble with sleep, add meditation and visualization exercises prior to bed. Athletes can leverage the visualization routines in Level Up.

Performance Hack: Magnesium enriched foods (or pure magnesium spray/deodorant)  will help tremendously with a deeper sleep, which ultimately boosts testosterone.

Power Up with Weekly Goals

Creating a purpose and agenda for each day will keep you on track, but if you add a weekly goal it allows athletes to re focus when needed. Every Sunday night HeadSharp students are recommneded to plan their week which includes additional, improvement weekly goals. We have a mid week check on wednesdays to ensure teammate accountability to stay on task.

Detach & Decompress

When you are off court, it is time to wrap it up! As Andrew Weibrecht, Olympic skier for the United States, suggests, give it your 100% when you are training and competing but detach yourself when you are off sport.

How Can We Help?

HEADSHARPs new student athlete APP (FREE DOWNLOAD) includes several time management FREE features in addition to time management strategies taught in the monthly program. Getting on track and staying on track can be much easier for student athletes by sticking to a system or tool. Give Level Up APP a try to enhance your student athlete's time management.

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