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For all the sports fans or fanatics out there, we appreciate good sportsmanship, and most of all performances. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and now Conor McGregor are becoming household names beyond just mixed martial arts fans.

To be dominant in any sport, one must fully understand all aspects of the game including the mental game. Conor has learned to master the mental game outside of the Octagon and even more impressively inside the Octagon.

So how does Conor do it? What are key components. Here is our first breakdown for your reading pleasure.

This is a multiple part series where we will break down his mental game and Part 1 focuses on his mental game “before the battle”.


THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. If there is one positive to take away from social media these days is that there are hundreds of posts and profiles on the power of positivity. This alone creates awareness for our youth on the true power of your mind. Growing up most of us didn’t know these powers exit. Conor thinks, talks and acts with a certain belief his future will come true which is extremely valuable and powerful.

When you successfully ingrain certain actions in your mind, and you truly believe it, but also put in the work and do the things to see it throughsometimes the actual event is a formality. This is something Conor takes very seriously and pours into every aspect of his life and game. A big part he voices how his competitors “are not on my level”.

MENTAL WARFARE. CAUTION: QUICKSAND AHEAD. Conor has a unique talent to place traps before the competition begins. He is known for disrespecting his opponent, trash talking, and immature actions to ‘sell the fight’.

Although these antics and ‘trash talking’ are frowned upon, they are commonplace in combat sports. However, he has a specific goal: Get his opponents to fight emotionally, ditch their game plan, over commit and try to knock him out. A fighter can now find himself in quicksand.  The more emotional they get, the deeper in trouble they are since Conor does not fight with emotion.

PREPARATION. Conor doesn’t do much but train and shop. His on the mat preparation is a perfect balance of quality and quantity. Each practice has a specific goal in mind, and don't fool yourself, his elite accuracy comes from his attention to detail in his technique.

Shopping?? This is his positive hobby off the mat, very similar to Mayweather. Dressing a certain way plays into the Law of Attraction benefit as he is walking, talking, purchasing and living a lifestyle of someone who is already financially set based off world class success.

He doesn’t wait until events happen, he believes they happened but puts in the work to ensure they happen. Everything is also calculated, and even his home gym SBG has a sports psychologist on staff. Don’t fool yourself, Conor is well versed in the mental game.

What do you think? Let us know!

Stay tuned for Part II as we evaluate his mental game During Battle.

Stay Sharp.

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