Michael Van der Walt: Athlete of the Month

Achieve a Mindset of a Champion, stay motivated and develop self-confidence for sports performance:

Dreams. They excite us, motivate us and sometimes scare us. The biggest dreams sometimes require the most courage. We are told to dream big and for one athlete his biggest dream takes one step closer to reality every day. South African Rugby player and track athlete Michael Van der Walt had dreams to play American Football for several years. He didn’t know anyone in the United States and with no film as a football player his chances were slim to none. Do you know what that is like? Living in another country with no connections to get to your destination with groups of people saying your dreams will never come true. A destination so far away, the dream seems impossible to an average mentality. However Michael has courage like no other. The louder you preach your dreams, the more we believe in them, and it doesn’t matter what others think, because sometimes effort & will can be more than anything to a young dreamer. Thanks to social media, motivational quotes from @teamheadsharp his dreams may come true. Michael found HEADSHARP via social media posts and joined the Level UP app pilot early this year. Our HeadSharp Athlete of the Month is no other than Michal Van der Walt. Michael has been using the HeadSharp Level Up program since the beginning of the year to keep motivation at times it is easy to give up on a larger than life dream. Every day he is one step closer, every day he is further away from giving up.

Here is the interview from our HS Athlete of the Month:

Age: 17

Favorite TV show: Ax-men & The old Top Gear
Favorite Activity when not playing sports: Xbox

High School: HTS Middleburg, South Africa.

What is your main goal: To go to the states and start my American dream to play football in high school and college.

What is your goal for next season: I want to play my senior year in America and get a scholarship at a university

What accomplishments or awards have you received last season? I averaged 2 touchdowns a game last season. I’m now playing pumas under 19 travel rugby Rugby and was first team for my school.

I’ve also won several races. My fastest 100m times is 10:85.

Has HeadSharp helped with your motivation? Yes it did and also the owner, Coach Chris by helping me to not only visualize my dream, but believe in me to help put steps into action so it is a reality.

Did being part of the HeadSharp team help you in any way? They are my right hand in the sport industry and is also the company giving me direction on goals and improvements from my games and races.

Any favorite quotes, sayings, or messages you would like to tell the athletic world?
"Can't stop what they can't catch" - Nike
"Put God first and my family second and none above" -Ace Hood

“If you don't work on your dream it will only stay a dream, take it from me!”

Congratulations to Michael for making HeadSharp Athlete of the Month!

To find out more about Michael, you can follow him on social media @ovo.meila.xo

To learn more about HeadSharp check us out at www.headsharp.com or download the Level Up App for FREE to preview free access to tips and other features such as the To Do List for time management, Notes from practice, and motivation from our social media.





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