5 Benefits of Mindfulness in Sports

Our latest blog breaks down 5 benefits of mindfulness via sports visualization. For those not familiar with the word visualization, it is similar to meditation but for sports. There are different words like mindfulness, meditation, visualization, or imagery and all can be applied to enhancing peak performance in sports. In HeadSharp we refer to it as guided sports visualization. Guided sports visualization includes a HeadSharp coach guiding you through a creative sports visualization file, creating a visual positive visual experience that you cannot get with physical or technical training. We will guide you through experiences that will feel like real life, executing positive techniques, creating new or recalling a specific experiences in practice and competition. 

Here are the 5 benefits of Sports Visualization for athletes:

Sports visualization is just another way to practice. Think of it as drilling exercises for your mind. You need hundreds of reps and must work at, and do it consistently to see maximum gains, however each visualization session has its own specific purpose and benefits. The athletes muscle memory is activated regardless if you are visualizing, drilling technique or performing strength & conditioning physical exercises.

In fact, studies have shown athletes who only visualized pre exercise performed better than athletes who just drilled technique prior to the exercise. The reason is when we visualize, we visualize executing our techniques correctly, enhancing the benefits of practice or drilling.

Proper breathing for sports needs to be taught. We usually are not exposed to the various breathing techniques and the benefits until much later in our career. During HeadSharp training, athletes will learn how to properly breathe and visualize. This will expose you to the proper techniques at the right times for visualization and competition. It is critical athletes control their breathing during competition.

The HeadSharp system introduces 2 routines for visualization. The first is night time visualization. Athletes are suggested to participate in one 5 or 10 minute guided visualization exercise 1 hour before bed every night. The night time visualization is more broad that covers breathing and athlete visualization with on and off the field success. We will also guide through what you learned in practice to ensure maximum retention gains from new technique. We suggest 1 hour before bed so you are not using your phone (and its bright lights) right before bed time. We want to maximize the benefits of visualization and sleep for performance.

The second visualization is Game Day Visualization (located in our Game Day section). HeadSharp has recently added sports specific Game Day visualization files. These visualization files are approximately 5 minutes long and are very sport specific for the upcoming competition. We suggest athletes complete their Game Day visualization within 30 minutes before competition. 

Now that you have a time and place to perform sports visualization, we can now hold you accountable to get it done. Our post game evaluation will also ask if you have been performing the Game Day Visualization prior to competition, further holding the you accountable.

Our routine and system for sports visualization is quick and easy for every athlete. You are guided through the entire process, and have different visualization files based on need. All you need is a phone and head phones to complete your exercises. We leave you no excuses. 

We wish you the best on your athletic journey and remember to GET YOUR MENTAL REPS IN!

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