As the season approaches be sure to take time to think about your goals, why you compete and learn from past results. The best athletes in the world posses a mindset of champion which includes being focused and a well developed a plan for each season. Once the vision is set, these athletes are motivated and get to work. There is no more over analyzing or over thinking about it any more. 

Be sure to read the information below and implement these proven techniques to your sport. 

The anticipation for the season should always be high. Athletes who enjoy their sport and create excitement are the most dangerous and successful. The athlete who is having fun, never willing to give up, and has no fear of losing is dangerous. They are competing with self-confidence and free of limiting beliefs that only hold you back. Athletes who feel the most confident say “I feel like I have nothing to lose”. Achieving a growth mindset should be a priority every game, match, or tournament. We all have nothing to lose because performance and trophies are not reserved for last years champion or the highest ranked athlete. If they were, their would be no need for competition!

SHARP TIP: Find a playlist of set of music that make you feel upbeat, focused and hungry to conquer your dreams. Keep these songs on your playlist and crank em up when you need a boost!

Athletes who are aware of strengths and weaknesses grow the most during a season. Build on strengths and attack weaknesses. If there is an area you need to work on, make that your practice goal for the week and learn to be comfortable in that position or situation. Do not hide from your weaknesses, improve them. The biggest difference between Olympic athletes vs college athletes is olympic athletes main focus is improving versus college athletes who mainly focus on winning.

SHARP TIP: Athletes who create practice goals are more focused than athletes who just want to win and nothing else. Having one goal to of just winning leads to disappointment and burn out.

Studies have shown that increased sleep by 2 hours a few weeks leading up to tournaments significantly improves performance. Sleep is a big factor in recovery and processing what you learned. 

SHARP TIP: Since your season is about to start soon, be sure to manage your time as much as possible. Try to get to bed a little bit earlier each night, and progress toward that extra hour or two. You will be able to reap the benefits by seasons end.

It takes several weeks to absorb and process new technique or skills. Whether it is staying after practice, private lessons, or asking questions, spend time now working on your craft! If you wait until the middle of season or right before the postseason it is too late. 

You are capable of more than you think!  Epic comebacks, upsets, dominant performances, busting out of slumps, and records are broken every year! Nobody wants to face the athlete who doesn’t quit and keeps coming. Make a commitment this season to be the athlete/team no one wants to face.

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