With the baseball season in full swing, we have identified 5 key performance tips to help athletes avoid slumps and enhance focus and perspective for the home stretch as tournament play and playoffs are around the corner. Be sure to take advantage of these tips to play with maximum potential.

1. Focus on technique, not stats or batting average. A common mistake baseball players make is they care way too much about their batting average. This opens the opportunity to either be cautious or overly aggressively if trying to maintain or move up on stats. This includes pitchers as well. Each at bat is a new opportunity. Clean Slate.


2.Confidence is Action. Several athletes hold back because they are afraid to make a make an error, strikeout or give up a home run. You do not need to be perfect to win. The secret is to Act or React, not over think. Examples of Sharp Action:
Throwing or hitting a pitch without the fear of a negative result. 
Taking the same risk later in the game regardless of earlier result at the mound, plate or base pads.
Champion hitters are always thinking about making contact.
Never wait for an opponent to be aggressive before you are aggressive.

3. Focus on the smallest details. Break down your hitting, fielding and/or pitching routines into steps. Write out step by step what you normally do before each pitch. This will help stay focused during games, but also clearly evaluate your game to improve and break out of slumps.

4. Have an Accountability Partner. Athletes who set goals and share them with teammates are more than 30% more likely to meet their goals. Whether it is sharing goals, or having a teammate to go on a run with or have a catch, or extra batting practice, hold each other accountable every day and you will increase your chances of success.

5. Learn to Successfully Evaluate your Game: Too many times athletes and parents judge performance based only on hits or strikeouts. Ask yourself:

  • Did I warm up, stretch and prepare properly?
  • Did I prepare properly before each at bat/pitch?
  • Can I calculate efficiency (not average) of pitches, counts and situations?
  • What did my coach's want me to work on? Did I try them in this game?
  • What adjustments do I need to make next game?

Be sure to leverage this mindset and thought process when preparing and evaluating your game this post season!

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